Kiva Sy’kirra’s Collection
Here is a wonderful source of and where a lot of this info was gathered.   This Kiva was a pioneer in Twi’lek and Temple RP.

LilyLekku’s Blog
This site is a great quick reference and overview! This Kiva did a lot to shape my views of Temple RP and brought the temple to the forefront for many on Starsider.

General Twi’lek Info
This is of course a great resource for various things Star Wars.

Nahael’s DeviantART Page
Visit this page for awesome renders!  A great, big thank you to my friend Nahael for making beautiful renders over the years and being kind enough to let me use them…as well as roleplaying some great twi’leks!

Hellfire’s DeviantART Page
Check out this gallery for terrific and intense renders! He makes some pretty amazing lethans  (two of which you can see on the headers)! A big thank you to Hellfire for his renders!

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