Blessings cover a wide range of needs for those seeking them.  One may consult a Kiva for a blessing for everything from a new birth to good words concerning a new business venture.  Blessings can be administered by a Kiva or advanced Ai’jou under the guidance of a Kiva.

Remember to give credit where credit is due when using other Kivas’ work.

Speaking parts are in purple while actions are in black

Dream Blessing

(This blessing is for anyone suffering from bad dreams, for newly born children, for a newly married couple, or often done in conjunction with a house blessing for a new house as a wish of happiness)

A candle should first be lit to center the focus.

A small scroll will have been inscribed before hand with the following words that are spoken aloud by the Kiva.

May the Goddess hold you in her heart

May Her spirit guide yours in the space between waking and sleep 

May Her gentle words lull you and give you peace

The scroll would be held out in front of the Kiva

Great Mother, we ask that you keep the shadows from his/her/their dreams. 

We ask that you keep the shadows from his/her/their dreams.

Keep the light within him/her/them

Bring him/her/them peace, warmth, and joy.

Vahs ka Ryma’at

The Kiva kisses the parchment and tucks it beneath the bed or hangs it on a wall in a glass vial.

Fingertips of the right hand are pressed to heart, then lips, then forehead.


Created by Kiva Seela’blen 

House Blessing

(This blessing is for a newly married couple moving into their first home, a newly constructed home, or any house that would like the blessing of a Kiva)

A small rock is pressed to each corner of the main entrance to the house and a small prayer is whispered at each corner

Let in only the light.  

Inside the house a candle and incense is lit.

Great Mother….

We light this single candle to act as a purifying fire to burn away all but the joy within these walls 

We ask that you aid us in cleansing this dwelling and fortifying these walls for we want only happiness and love to live within them.

Guide my hand and my spirit, Mother.

Carry the lit candle into each room.  A different blessing is offered in each room.

Mother, bring us peace

”               ”       light

”               ”       joy

”               ”       warmth

”               ”       peace

End with peace again as the final blessing.

May your light fill their hearts and their home.

Vahs ka Ryma’at 

Created by Kiva Seela’blen (ICly would be from the Dra’Keysshi)

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