Rather than having separate personal and clan names, a Twi’lek would have a single name that combined these two elements. The personal portion of the name would be selected with the clan name in mind, often involving an intentional alteration of the words or a shift in the letters to change the meaning of the name as a whole. This change was meant to symbolize a way of unity. A Twi’lek’s name would also be split into multiple parts if they were exiled as a criminal, as this was considered very dishonoring.

 An example of a true Twi’lek name would be Nawar’aven. This name would be split into two parts when used outside of the local culture, becoming Nawara Ven (the clan name in this case being Ven, but the name Nawara was selected with the intention of moving the last a into the second half of the name, thus changing the meaning). 

(gathered from wookieepedia:

Female Names

 Name  Meaning
 Aayla   Mist or smoke
 Alema   Protector
 Ann   Moon
 Aola    Flower
 Ayy   Star
 Daesha   Female ruler or queen
 Dia   Ice
 Feen   Refers to a sweet fruit grown on Ryloth.
 Gida   Female warrior
 Giza   Needle or stiletto
 Hirani   Exceedingly beautiful
 Jiljoo   Gem
 Koyi   Serpent
 Lyn   Snow
 Mala   Refers to the mythical figure Mala, who was the mother of    Nolaa.
 Nabrina   Beast of burden
 Nima   Gift
 Nolaa   Refers to the mythical figure Nolaa, who was the daughter of Mala.
 Numa   Sister
 Oola   Water
 Palakwi   Lizard
 Pampy   Jewel
 Poy   Wing or wings
 Seela   Dancer
 Seku   Memory
 Shakka   Lightning
 Shiri   Singer
 Sienn   Maiden
 Sinya   Darkness
 Supisy   Mysterious female
 Talik   Destiny
 Tann   Hope
 Teeubo   Treasure
 Xiann   Spider


Male Names

 Name  Meaning
 Alask   Desert or sand
 Anoon   Commander or warrior chief
 Bibfort   Refers to a domesticated predator used by the Twi’leks as a guard beast on Ryloth.
 Boc   Stalagmite or rock column
 Bril   Wind
 Byt   Refers to a hammer that could be used as a weapon
 Cazne   Fortress or castle
 Chee   War or warrior
 Chom   Drum
 Cotan   Tower
 Darap   Stone
 Dinek   Male ruler or king
 Elav   Scholar
 Firith   Defender
 Glie   Axe
 Haly   Visitor
 Hid   Cliff
 Ilar   Dust or ash
 Inun   Refers to a blind youth from Twi’lek mythology who crossed the bright side of Ryloth.
 Jart   Refers to a blind youth from Twi’lek mythology who crossed the bright side of Ryloth.
 Jela   Sword
 Jer   Arrow
 Karawn   Strength
 Kopecz   Philospher
 Lonay   Miner
 Mazer   Refers to a predator that lived on the surface of Ryloth
 Nabat   Farm or farmer
 Nawara   Tongue or speaker
 Nerra   Brother
 Nuro   Judge
 Olm   Porter or bearer
 Orn   Bird of prey
 Pol   Stalactite
 Ree   Spear
 Reess   Metalsmith
 Rol   Sun
 Silais   Caretaker or gatekeeper
 Siolo   Poet
 Skawn   Merchant
 Tal   Champion
 Tol   Fire
 Tott   Fang or thorn bush
 Valsil   Tailor
 Vuren   Mountain
 Warat   Victor or winner
 Yuned   Thunder
 Zelada   Traveler or explorer


Clan Names

Name   Meaning
 Afan   Between the Goddess and the ground
 Amersu   Solid
 Ani   Desired
 Blankuna   Philosophical
 Blen   Captivating or enthralling
 Bondara   Carefree or easy
 Bonduna   Refers to the descendants of the legendary hero Bondu
 Distombe   Strong
 Doneeta   Sure or wise
 Dura   Of or relating to mines
 Eyan   Young or youthful
 Fenn   An influential clan and means industrious or hard working
 Freetaa   Brave
 Freykaa   Beloved
 Gella   Flowery
 Han   Sharp
 Jab   Gem like
 Kairn   Dark or black
 Kluub   Tranquil
 Komad   Chivalry or chivalrous
 Kru   Mountainous
 Luroon   Ingenious or intelligent
 Me   Fiery or hot
 Mobok   Authoritative
 Nilim   Heroic
 Olgkru   Strong-willed
 Passik   Gold or golden
 Rackus   Happy
 Racor   Laughing
 Rar   Bold
 Rha   Sunny or bright
 Secura   One of the most powerful clans, means skilled
 Shala   Crying or tearful
 Sivron   Shrewd
 Smoo   Blessed
 Tar   Swift
 Tarkona   One of the more powerful clans, means stormy weather
 Teksa   Trustworthy
 Tiatkin   Creative
 Toqema   Dependable
 Torr   Pale or white
 Tualin   Royal or noble
 Valla   Legal or of law
 Ven   Silver or silvery
 Vida   Pleasing to the senses
 Vrei   Lucky or fortunate
 Waran   Of tunnels or caves
 Ziveri   Scorching

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