Basic to Ryl


 Basic  Ryl
 Acolyte (Kiva in training)  Ai’jou
 “All to the Mother of Balance”  Vahs ka Ryma’at
 Arrow  Jer
 Ash  Ilar
 Authoritative  Mobok
 Axe  Glie



 Basic  Ryl
 Bargain  Pahgan
 Beast of burden  Nabrina
 Beloved  Freykaa
 Beautiful (exceedingly)  Hirani
 Black  Sook
 Blessed  Smoo
 Blue  Oola
 Bold  Rar
 Brain Tails  One of the many derogatory terms used to describe the lekku of the Twi’lek race. It referred to the fact that small portions of brain tissue resided within the flesh of the lekku, most of which was used to store long-term memories.
 Bright Lands  A name given by the Twi’leks to the side of the planet Ryloth that is perpetually facing its primary star.
 Rol’za  Bright sky
 Bright Stick  A Basic term used by the Twi’leks to describe any being who was driven temporarily insane by exposure to the planet’s harsh sunlight.
 Brown  Tak
 Burn Fungus  A mold native to Ryloth that gives off an odd odor when harvested. Twi’leks discovered that clumps of burn-fungus could be set afire, and would burn for several hours, giving off an aromatic smoke while providing a meager light.
Bye bye  Ka’ta



 Basic  Ryl
 Captivating  Blen
 Carefree  Bonduna
 Caretaker  Siliais
 Castle  Cazne
 Champion  Tal
 Children of the Goddess  Lia’ren
 Chivalry  Komad
 Clever  U’cara
 Cliff  Hid
 Commander  Anoon
 Concubine  Sokusha
 Council of Kivas  The group of five Kivas that lead the Twi’lek religious community and advise and counsel the Head Clan. Their length of leadership is defined by the average age of each member, with turnover coming when all five agree that their service has seen enough time. When all five agree that it is time, five new Sou’Kivas are selected and put in place by the outgoing Council. Each Kiva is a representative of one of the five primary practices of worship: fire, water, stone, music, and spirit.
 Creative  Tiatkin
 Crying  Shala
 Crystallite A white stone was often used to create wondrous carvings, for the stone seemed to glow from within. Rumors held that crystallite was formed from the ashes of a long-dead Twi’leki hero by the Nercathi clan. The ashes were supposedly compressed under extreme pressure to form the crystals, and the crystals were used in carvings which commemorated an ancient Twi’leki hero.



 Basic  Ryl
 Damn  Ixta
 Dancer  Seela
 Darling  Keella
 Dark  Kairn
 Darkness  Sinya
 Darn  Frotz
 Daughter (also female clan member)  Sama
 Daughter of Balance  Lia’ry
 Dead  Ch’sei
 Death  Ch’sei 
 Deathseed (spore)  Chir’daki
 Deathseed(starighter)  Chir’daki
 Death Wind Corridor  The smugglers’ hyperspace route connected the worlds of Ryloth, Manda, and Roon. It was named by the Twi’lek smugglers who used it as a “back door” to bypassing the Hutts.
 Defender  Firith
 Dependable  Toqema
 Desert  Alask
 Desired  Ani
 Destiny  Talik
 Drum  Chom
 Dust  Ilar



 Basic  Ryl
 Eight  Seepa



 Basic  Ryl
 False  Koa’an
 Family (Koccielle Twi’lek members)  Ay’kou
 Family (Twi’lek members)  Si’kou
 Family (including both Twi’leks and non-Twi’leks)  Zen’ka
 Fang  Tott
 Farmer  Nabat
 Female (mysterious)  Supisy
 Fiance’  Ka’re
 Fiancee’  Nonna
 Fight on Tomorrow  Vatak’ultuka
 Fire  Tol
 Five  Eesh
 Fortuante  Vrei
 Four  Daden
 Flower  Aola
 Flowery  Gella
 Fortress  Cazne
 Friend  Muchi
 Friend of the Twi’lek  Yuja
 Fuck  Kunta
 Fungus Ale  A beverage that was fermented from munch fungus



 Basic  Ryl
 Game of Clans  Dra-Damor
 Gate  Tsu
 Gem  Jiljoo
 Gemlike  Jab
 Gentle  Dira
 Gift  Nima
 Give (to)  Gesu
 Glow Fungus  A bioluminescent mold grew in the caves of the planet Ryloth, and was used by the Twi’leks as a source of light.
 Golden  Passik
 Good   -Ta; A suffix meaning ‘more’, ‘lots’, ‘better’ can be added to words like ozan (worth) to form ozanta (much worth, good, or better)
 Green  Udeen
 Grief  Shar
 Guests  Kah’lehalle



 Hammer (weapon)  Byt
Happy  Rackus
 Hardworking  Fenn
 He  Ish
 Head Clan The group of five Twi’Leks, called Sou’Koras, that lead their community. The Head Clan receives counsel and guidance from the Council of Kivas, ensuring that their decisions are blessed by Kika’lekki. Major decisions are rarely made without first consulting the Council and gaining the approval of the Sou’Kivas. The length of leadership for members of the Head Clan is defined by shortest lifespan of the five members. When one dies, the remaining members are cast out from the community and sentenced to a virtual death in Ryloth’s extreme environment.
 Head Tails  The Basic term used to describe lekku, the two tentacular appendages that are found growing from the rear of a Twi’lek’s head. These head tails serve a number of purposes. First and foremost, they are a source of vanity, as hair or feathers are to other races. They are also used in a silent form of communication among individual Twi’leks. The head tails also serve a ceremonial and sensual role in the dances performed by Twi’lek females
 Health  Yissa
 Heart  Eswok
 Hell  Faho
 Hell Moon  Faho’lalesk; A word that means “plague moon” and is used to label the two month period on Ryloth when poisonous gasses spew from the depths of the planet and cause the moon to be come red. Twi’leks once personified this occurrence as a demon sent by the mother goddess but modern technology has taught that this is just a regular occurrence of the planet regulating itself and is to be expected once every fifty years or so
 Here  Circaa
 Heroic  Nilim
 Hot  Me
 How  Qaon



 Baisc  Ryl
 I (self)  Afa, literally translates as “Between the Goddess and the ground”
 Ice  Dia
 Idiot  Boc’ara; literally translates as “smart like a rock”
 Industrious  Fenn
 Intelligent  Luroon
 It  Eti



 Basic  Ryl
 Jewel  Pampy
 Judge  Nuro



 Basic  Ryl
 Kala’uun Starport  This Rylothian starport was under the control of the Shak clan at the height of the New Order. Like all Twi’lek settlements, it was located on the terminator line between dark and light sides of the planet, gaining a measure of warmth from its position. However, due to the crosswinds created as the cold air of the dark side mixes with the hot air on the light side, approaches to the starport needed to be handled with care. This danger was further compounded by the fact that Kala’uun was dug into the heights of a huge spire of rock, part of the formation known as the Lonely Five. A Watcher was in place at all times, to ensure that an oncoming heat storm was spotted before it could do any damage to the Starport. Deep in the bowels of th Starport was a huge cistern, that held all the water needed to maintain the facility.
 King  Dinek



 Basic  Ryl
 Laughing  Racor
 Law  Valla
 -Less  Te. This suffix can be added to words to make new ones such as, Ozan(worth)+ te (-less)= worhtless
 Lightning  Shakka
 Lizard  Palakwi
 Love (romantic)  eskaa’lia
 Love (unconditional)  Kaa’lia



 Basic  Ryl
 Maiden  Sienn
 Mal’aa’s Kitchens This restaurant was the only eatery located within the Kala’uun Starport, and was owned by the female Twi’lek Mal’aa. Its exterior had been created to give the impression of a large cantina, although the interior was a collection of small caves and tunnels.
 Maldor Slave Ring This minor slaving operation ran its business near Ryloth, in an effort to have easy access to Twi’lek slaves
 Masseuse  Yobana
 Matriarch (head of household)  Haoy 
 Me  Afa; Literally translates as “Between the Goddess and the ground”
 Memory  Seku
 Merchant  Skawn
 Metalsmith  Reess
 Miner  Lonay
 Mines  Dura
 Mist  Aayla
 Moon  Ann
 Mother Give You Good Health  Ryma gesu’tuno ozanta yissa
 Mother Give You Safety  Ryma gesu’tuno allesh  (informal/short version Ryma’allesh)
 Mountain  Vuren
 Mountainous  Kru
 Mr./Sir  Vishna
 Mrs./Ma’am  Vashna
 Munch Fungus  This edible form of mold was found within the caves of the planet Ryloth, and was the basis for many Twi’leki dishes.
 Mushroom  Shaala
 Mytaranor Slaving Council One of the galaxy’s lesser-known slavery rings, this group was controlled by the former slave Talas Piran. Piran, in turn, was answerable to the Twi’leki crimelord Lonay. As part of Lonay’s holdings, Mytaranor was at the beck and call of Black Sun during the Galactic Civil War. The Council plied the spacelanes of the Mytaranor Sector, but also provided slaves to a large number of mining operations and other “resource management” companies 



 Basic  Ryl
Naps Fral Cluster  This area of the galaxy was located between Ryloth and Nal Hutta. The Karazak Slavers Guild often kept a few ships positioned in the Cluster, hoping to intercept ships transporting Twi’leks from Ryloth to Nal Hutta
 Needle  Giza
 Nightmare  Obyrru
 Nine  Sota
 Noble  Tualin
 No Worries  Koahiko



 Basic  Ryl
 One  Uza
 Orange  Blet
 Outcast (from Twi’lek society)  Runan



 Basic Ryl
 Pale  Torr
 Party  Enki
 Penis  Tal’kan
 Pervert  Chi’kan
 Philosopher  Kopecz
 Philosophical  Blankuna
 Pint  Ac
 Poet  Siolo
 Porter  Olm
 Priestess (of Kika’lekki)  Kiva
 Protector  Alema
 Protocol of Gifts  The phrase used top describe the custom of the Twi’lek society in which a visitor always brought a gift for their host, as a sign of friendship and in exchange for their hospitality. The custom originated early in Twi’lek history, when different clans first met. Over the centuries, the Protocol of Gifts has been extended from personal meetings to business gatherings and the arrival of a starship to a port such as Kala’uun. Those spacers who failed to provide a gift to Koh’shak or his family were rebuffed.
 Purple  Yessi



 Basic  Ryl
Queen   Daesha



Rotten Deesh

 Basic  Ryl
 Reception (wedding)  Shi’gen
 Red  Leth
 Respect  Kei’na
 Rock  Nat
 Rock Column  Boc
 Royalty  Tualin



 Basic  Ryl
 Safety  Allesh
 Sand  Alask
 Scholar  Elav
 Scorched  Ziveri
 Serpent  Koyi
 Seven  Lulon
 Sharp  Han
 She  Ash
 Siren Whistle  This instrument, created by the Twi’leks to warn of impending coriolis storms, created an intensely loud tone when blown
 Sister  Numa
 Shit  Szu’tak
 Shrewd  Sivron
 Silver  Ven
 Singer  Shiri
 Six  Fita
 Skilled  Secura
 Sky  Za
 Sleep-inducer  This wrist-mounted weapon is favored by Twi’leks. It is a close-range weapon which is jabbed into the target’s flesh. A small trigger releases a sleep-inducing fluid into the victim, knocking them unconsious.
 Smart  U’cara
 Smoke  Aayla
 Snow  Lyn
 Son (also male clan member)  Akei
 Son of the Goddess  Lia’rn
 Solid  Amersu
 Speak  Zala
 Speaker (public speaker)  Nawara
 Spear  Ree
 Spider  Xiann
 Spirit  Tuka
 Staad Armor  Developed by Castaan Armory, this form of protective armor was designed for the Twi’leki race.
 Stalactite  Pol
 Stalagmite  Boc
 Star  Ayy
 Stiletto (blade)  Giza
 Stormy-weather  Tarkona
 Stone  Darap
 Story-chain  These small chains were created by the Twi’lek race. Each link in the chain provided details on a specific part of a larger story. The entire story could be told and retold by following the links in the story-chain
 Strength  Karawn
 Strong  Distombe
 Strong-willed  Olgkru
 Sun  Tsu’za; literally translates as ‘Gate of the Sky’
 Swift  Tar
 Sword  Jela



 Basic  Ryl
 Teacher (religious)  Acar’ya
 Ten  Atah
 Thank you very much  Arni’soyacho
 Thanks  Arni
 There  Circoo
 Three  Tota
 Tower  Cotan
 Tranquil  Kluub
 They  Korjin
 Them  Korjin
 Twirling Twi’lek  A huge, upscale bar and dance hall located on Coruscant, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. It was here that Jango Fett first met Fernooda, when the bounty hunter was employed to locate the Infant of Shaa
 Twi’lek Dancer  This Barloz-class freighter led a checkered life, after being originally sold to an agricultural combine in the Tion Hegemony and being named the Harvest. When the combine traded in the Harvest for a YT-1300 freighter, the bounty hunter Xufal D’uat purchased the ship and renamed it the Venom Sting. After D’uat was killed by a fellow bounty hunter, the ship drifted for some time before being salvaged by TaggeCo. They eventually auctioned the ship off to a group of Thalassian slavers, who gave it the name Twi’lek Dancer. The slavers, in turn, were jumped by a group of pirates who commandeered the ship and sold it to a legitimate dealer through a front company.
 Twi’lek Dancing Girls  This song, written and played by the band Deeply Religious, first appeared on the compilation Deeply Religious. It was banned by the Imperial Board of Culture
 Twi’lek Spice Conflict  Alexsandr Badure fought in this Old Republic battle
 Twi’lek String Puppets  These strange puppets resemble marionettes who arms and legs stick out from the body, rather than laying flat against it
 Tirginni Cologne  This cologne was extracted from the scent glands of the tirginni beast, which was native to the Kathol Sector. The subtle scent of Tirginni Perfume was perceived by only a few species, among them the Noghri, Twi’leks, Whiphids, and Hutts. These species described the colgone as pleasant mildly intoxicating. Because of the fact that tirginni beasts lived on an unsettled planet, the cost for each milliliter of the cologne was quite expensive
 Thunder  Yuned
 Traveler  Zelada
 Treasure  Teksa
 Tailor  Valsil
 Tunnel  Waran
 Two  Pleen



 Basic  Ryl
 Victor  Warat
 Visitor  Haly



Welcome Fendoon

 Walk  Kag
 War  Chee
 Warrior  Chee’ron
 Warrior (female)  Gida
 Warrior Chief  Anoon
 Watcher  The name given to the Twi’lek who was in charge of monitoring the heat storms of the planet Ryloth, to ensure that the Kala’uun Starport would close up in time to avoid any damage
 Water  Ruti
 Wealthy  Olan
 What  Qa
 When  Tenii
 Where  Ootay
 White  Lynoi
 Who  Jinqa
 Why  Qato
 Wind  Bril
 Wing  Poy
 Wise  Doneeta
 Words  Toe
 Worm Head  A derogatory name given to the Twi’lek race
 Worry (to worry)  Hiko
 Worth  Ozan; can be combined with the suffix ‘te’ to create worthless (ozante)
 Wrist Vac  A Twi’leki weapon is worn on the user’s wrist. When triggered, the wrist vac releases a number of small, high-velocity blades that spin at the target



 Basic  Ryl
 Yellow  Tsan
 Yes  Ka 
 You  Tun 
 Young  Eyan
 Youthful  Eyan



 Basic  Ryl
 Zero  Koeen


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